Friday, March 13, 2015

Tradition Meets Innovation: ACMOS Energy Balance

For over 2,000 years acupuncture, which was developed in ancient China, has been practiced. Now it is possible that a variation of this ancient technique could be the future of personalized medicine. Acupuncture uses small pins to pierce the skin at various nerve points. These nerve points are connected to the autonomic nervous system, and when stimulated, autonomic reflexes are triggered which can have therapeutic benefits. Historically, the Chinese believed that people had a life energy, or Qi, which was the basis of all life. While this may sound like unscientific hocus-pocus, today we recognize this Qi as being measureable and quantifiable electromagnetic fields. While the ancient Chinese were concerned with establishing an uninhibited flow of Qi, today the focus is on restoring and maintaining properly aligned electromagnetic fields. This is the foundation of ACMOS.

ACMOS, or “Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy”, was developed in 1985 by biophysics researcher Dr. Rene Naccachian. In traditional Chinese acupuncture, diagnoses were made based on the patient’s pulse, which the Chinese believed manifested itself in 28 possible varieties. With ACMOS, diagnosis has been enhanced. Three different fields of electromagnetic energy; the “vibratory” field, the “centripetal” field, and the “centrifugal” field, are measured and analyzed in each patient. Through analysis of these three fields, doctors can identify energetic imbalances within patients, and subsequently, can treat these patients with high specificity for their individual circumstances. ACMOS boasts three key benefits:
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1.       Prevention.  Patients who are not yet sick can be assessed for energetic imbalances that will possibly lead to symptomatic illness. The patient can then be treated for any irregularities and a healthy energetic balance can be restored before the patient becomes symptomatic. Through correction of the body’s energy fields, the body and the immune system are strengthened so that the patient is better equipped to deal with any pathogens or environmental disturbances. These imbalances in energy can be detected by ACMOS equipment earlier than they can be detected by normal imaging equipment thus allowing for safer, preventative, treatment.

2.       Long Lasting Results.  Traditional techniques of energy balancing, such as color therapy and acupuncture require enduring treatment. With ACMOS, a single treatment can have lasting effects for over 6 months. To compare, acupuncture usually requires an average of 6 sessions for treatment. An ACMOS energy balancing session can effectively identify and neutralize energetic interference that would typically have lasting consequences for the patient.

3.       Quick and Precise, Non-Invasive Therapy. ACMOS is very precise and scientific; diagnosis is not left up to subjective guesswork. Each patient is individually examined, recorded, and scientifically calibrated for treatment specific for their own personal energy imbalances and disturbances. Such careful protocol ensures to both patients and doctors that energy pathways have been adequately reestablished. Despite such a meticulous and comprehensive process, the entire procedure usually takes only 15 minutes to perform and patients start to feel better almost instantly. Additionally, unlike traditional acupuncture, needles and pins are not used, eliminating risks associated with contaminated needles.

Further, ACMOS is both scientifically based and clinically verified; it provides clearly defined and measurable results and patients feel the impacts of treatment almost immediately. The ACMOS Lecher antenna, based off of the Lecher wire loop, is the primary means of qualitatively measuring the three types of energy fields and their interactions. Lecher lines are originally intended to measure the wavelengths and frequency of electromagnetic waves. The ACMOS Lecher antenna has been specially modified for organic testing and is suited for both medical use and bioenergetic analysis. The use of the Lecher antenna is combined with the uses of essential oils, herbs, and homeopathies to restore the body’s proper energetic balance by releasing blockages within the body’s bio-energetic system. ACMOS also greatly increases the efficacy of other medications and further, analysis with the ACMOS system can help determine proper medication and dosage for a given condition. Whether or not a medication a patient is taking is causing an electromagnetic interference in the patient can also be identified.

ACMOS is a treatment that can be made to suit any patient. It seeks to restore the proper functioning of the autonomic nervous system, and although you may not be aware, the autonomic nervous system is sensitive and can be thrown off balance by a myriad of common occurrences. Pathogens, diet, electro-smog, and geopathic stress are just a few triggers to autonomic imbalance. ACMOS strengthens patients’ self-organization and adaptability so they can fight infection, heal wounds and injuries, and recover more quickly and efficiently. Since it seeks to improve the body’s own healing mechanisms, it can be a beneficial addition to almost any treatment plan. The applications of this new technique are widespread and relevant to almost the entire field of medicine, it will be interesting to see if this treatment proliferates into commonplace medical practice.


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  1. I, personally, receive acupuncture treatment once a month to reduce the number and severity of migraines I suffer from. At first I was skeptical of this ancient practice, but with time I found it very beneficial. I went from having a migraine from once a week or two to maybe once a month. While some researchers do no understand the science behind this practice, many who have undergone this procedure (including myself) have seen positive results.

  2. I wouldn't predict ACMOS being a commonplace medical practice. One, most individuals would not seek treatment for something such as an energy imbalance. Most people avoid going to the doctor until it is absolutely necessary. Two, the current state of medicine in the US is treating symptoms not prevention. The implementation of preventative medicine would have beneficial effects on overall health, but there is no financial incentive. In the end, humanity waits until the 12th hour to act because why do today what could be done tomorrow.

  3. I think ACMOS has a lot of potential. It is combining traditional medicine with new innovations. Sort of best of both worlds and a person won't have to sacrifice either end of their specturm and have both traditional, natural care while also know theyre getting the best out their with scientifical advancements.

  4. This is a fascinating post. I like that there is a movement toward exploring new ideas of medicine, especially ones that have been around for 2000 years. I am skeptical however because based off this post it seems that there is not much support of this new practice in the modern medicine community.Also the lack of other sources supporting this practice makes me doubt its efficacy. It will be interesting to see how this method progresses in the future.

  5. The ACMOS method seems very enticing! I think it was pretty awesome how this method was based off the traditional method of acupuncture. In addition, the fact that this is also an extremely personalized method, which is what we are gearing towards, I believe that it has great potential.

  6. Before I can fully appreciate the ACMOS method, I believe more experiments and research need to be done. If more research is done then i think it will be a much more credible method. It will be interesting to see where this method goes in the future.